Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands


Rule 190. Scope of rules

Rule 191. Probate of wills and appointment of executors; petition

Rule 192. Citation to heirs at law and next of kin; waiver

Rule 193. Will contests

Rule 194. Grant of letters; bond; notice to creditors

Rule 195. Inventory and appraisal

Rule 196. Support of widow and children

Rule 197. Quarterly accounts

Rule 198. Failure to file inventory or account

Rule 199. Final account

Rule 200. Notice and hearing

Rule 201. Adjudication and distribution

Rule 202. Discharge of executor or administrator

Rule 203. Executors and administrators; miscellaneous provisions

Rule 204. Summary administration of estates under $300

Rule 205. Disposition of estates without administration

Rule 206. Guardians; procedure

Rule 207. Guardians and trustees; inventory

Rule 208. Guardians and trustees; intermediate accounts

Rule 209. Guardians and trustees; final accounts; hearing; distribution; discharge

Rule 210. Recording foreign will; petition for recognition of devisees and legatees; settlement of inheritance tax

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