Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Welcome to the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Welcome to the home page of the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands' website (formerly the Territorial Court of the Virgin Islands). Since it was established in 1977, the Superior Court has served as the trial court of general jurisdiction for the Virgin Islands. Click here to see the historical overview.

Mission of the Superior Court
It is the mission of the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands to protect the rights and liberties of all, interpret and uphold the law, and resolve disputes promptly peacefully, fairly and effectively in the United States Virgin Islands. The Superior Court meets this mandate by providing an optimum level of service to all while maintaining the highest level of integrity, confidentiality, and public trust in the administration of justice regardless of race, sex, nationality, or creed.

How Does the Court Work?
The Superior Court has broad jurisdiction in addressing the legal needs of the Virgin Islands community. The Court hears all local trial matters including civil, criminal, family, probate, landlord-tenant, small claims and traffic. It also acts as a court of appeals for decisions of all governmental officers and agencies.

Decisions of the Superior Court were previously reviewed by a panel of the Appellate Division of the District Court of the Virgin Islands, consisting of panels of two federal District Court Judges, and a Superior Court Judge. However, on October 29, 2004, Act No. 6687, established a Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands as the local appellate court and which now has authority to review decisions of the Superior Court. Parties may seek further review by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, with final review resting in the United States Supreme Court.

Improving Our Website

This website is intended for the convenience of the public so that all may better understand the Court and how it functions. We hope that you find a wealth of knowledge on the services, programs and activities that the Superior Court provides.