Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 26. Fictitious name of defendant; amendment before judgment

If the defendant's true name is unknown to the plaintiff, process may issue against the defendant, designating him by a fictitious name and giving an appropriate description of defendant sufficient to identify him. Thereafter, and prior to entry of judgment, on motion and notice to the defendant the proceedings shall be amended to set forth the true name of the defendant. No such amendment shall be ordered unless an affidavit shall be filed showing how the true name of the defendant was obtained, and no final judgment shall be entered until such order has been made. The proceedings may be amended without mention or notice to the defendant, and without the filing of an affidavit in those cases in which the defendant has acknowledged his true name in a written appearance or an answer or orally in open court.

Actions may be instituted, and judgments may be entered against defendants designated by the first initial letter or letters, or by a contraction of a given or first name or names.--Amended May 28, 1957.

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