Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 207. Guardians and trustees; inventory

Every guardian and every trustee, within 30 days after it is his duty to take possession of the property of his ward or trust, shall file in the office of the clerk an inventory, under oath, showing by items all the property of the ward or trust which shall have come to his possession or knowledge. In the case of a non-testamentary trust, the trustee shall also file a copy of the instrument creating the trust, a list of the names, addresses and dates of birth of known living beneficiaries, and a description of any possible unborn or unascertained beneficiaries. If the inventory contains items of property other than money, which have not theretofore been appraised, they shall be appraised at their true cash value by two appraisers to be appointed and sworn as provided in section 314 of Title 15 of the Virgin Islands Code, and the appraised value shall be set out in the inventory.--Added Dec. 17, 1976.

Statutory References

Guardians, inventory and appraisal, see 15 V.I.C. '' 825 and 882.

Trust inventories, see 15 V.I.C. '' 1161 and 1191.

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