Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 159. Plea of guilty; procedure

(a) Notice to defendant. Before accepting a plea of guilty to a traffic offense other than a parking offense, the court shall inform the defendant that a record of the conviction will be sent to the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety of this territory or the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles of the state where the defendant received his license to drive, to become a part of his driving record.

(b) Hearing witnesses. In all cases, except those where a plea of guilty has been entered, the court shall hear the witnesses in support of the complaint prior to judgment and sentence. This provision shall not apply to pleas accepted by the violations clerk under Rule 160.

Explanatory Notes

Change of names of Department and Commissioner of Public Safety. Act June 15, 1984, No. 4964, ' 1, Sess. L. 1984, p. 177, changed the names of the Department of Public Safety and the Commissioner of Public Safety to U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department and Police Commissioner.

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