Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 152. Improper disposition of traffic ticket; contempt of court; license in lieu of bail

(a)(1) No traffic ticket may be disposed of except as authorized by law or these rules.

(2) Any person who aids in the disposition of a traffic ticket or summons in any manner other than that authorized by the court shall be proceeded against for criminal contempt in the manner provided by these rules.

(3) Where a car rental agency collects traffic fines from renters and fails to remit the fines and other assessed costs to the court within five (5) days of receipt thereof, the agency and/or its principal officers shall be proceeded against for criminal contempt in the manner provided by these rules.

(b) Whenever any person lawfully possessed of a V.I. chauffeur's or operator's license is arrested and charged with the violation of any traffic law or regulation, the punishment of which is a fine or imprisonment of one year or less, he shall have the option of depositing his V.I. chauffeur's or operator's license with the arresting officer in lieu of bail or any other security which may be required for his appearance in the Territorial Court to answer the charge. The arresting officer shall attach the license to the traffic complaint to be filed with the territorial court. Upon disposition of the charge, the return of the license will be decided by the court.

If an arrested person elects to deposit his license, as herein provided, the arresting officer shall issue the person a receipt for said license and thereafter the person shall be permitted to operate a motor vehicle during the pendency of the case in which the license was deposited, unless his license or privilege is otherwise revoked, suspended or cancelled. If a driver is rearrested for another traffic offense while his license is held in lieu of bail, this provision shall not apply.

In the event the chauffeur or operator fails to appear to answer the charge against him, the Clerk of the Territorial Court shall immediately notify the Commissioner of Police, and such person shall forthwith be subject to arrest or to such other orders as may be issued by the Court.

The Clerk of the territorial court shall fashion, print and distribute to the offices of the territorial court and the Commissioner of Police, the receipt which an arresting officer shall issue to any person who, in accordance with the provisions hereof, deposits his chauffeur or operator's license in lieu of bail.--Amended Oct. 14, 1994, eff. Nov. 16, 1994.

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