Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 72. Hearing; agreement; judgment

(a) The hearing shall be held informally and in private by the judge, an attorney-at-law of this territory or a law clerk designated by the judge. He shall hear the parties and their witnesses and may require statements under oath, but shall not be bound by the rules of evidence. He shall endeavor to effect an amicable settlement of the controversy agreeable to law. Either or both parties may be represented by counsel.

(b) The clerk shall keep a record of the proceeding but no record shall be made of the evidence and no part of the conciliation proceedings shall be considered at any later trial of the controversy if suit is brought thereon.

(c) If an agreement in settlement of the controversy is reached by the parties at the hearing before the judge, he shall reduce it to writing and when signed by the parties his report of the settlement agreement shall be filed in the court and entered upon its civil docket and shall have the force and effect of a judgment.--Amended Oct. 14, 1994, eff. Nov. 16, 1994.

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