Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Rules Governing the
Superior Court of the Virgin Islands

Rule 65. Entry of judgment

Judgment shall be entered at the time of entry of findings by the judge unless stayed. Within five (5) days after entry of judgment, the judge may, upon a showing that a substantial question of law and/or fact is involved, grant a party leave to file a motion for a new trial. The motion shall be submitted no later than ten (10) days after leave is granted.--Amended May 28, 1957; Oct. 14, 1994, eff. Nov. 16, 1994.

Case Notes

Tardy motions

Where Small Claims Division of Territorial Court entered default judgment against defendant, defendant's subsequent Motion for Reconsideration and New Trial was denied, as it was filed after expiration of two-day period following entry of judgment when such motions are allowed, and no leave of Court was obtained to file motion. Deliver It, Inc. v. Mitchell, Terr. Ct. St. T. and St. J. 1992, 28 V.I. 25.

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