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I misplaced the court papers served to me. Can I pick up a copy from the Marshals’ Office?

Photocopies of service documents have to be requested from the Clerk’s office.

Are properties that were attached stored in a safe area?

Yes, attached properties are stored in a warehouse or on the marshals’ secure parking lot.

Who is responsible for releasing liens placed by the marshals on vehicles or real properties?

The Marshals’ Office has the responsibility to release liens when warranted.

What happens if my property was sold for less than what I owe?

The judgment creditor has the right to proceed against the judgment debtor for the unsatisfied amount.

If my attached property is sold for more than what I owe, who gets the excess?

All excess proceeds from an auction sale go to the judgment debtor.

What are the requirements to become a Superior Court Deputy Marshal?

The interested applicant must be at least 21 years old; must have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent; must pass a written exam; must successfully complete the Virgin Islands Police Academy.

What is the difference between a Superior Court Deputy Marshal and a Virgin Islands Police Officer?

The Virgin Islands Police Department is the front line for law enforcement, public safety, investigations of crimes and arrest throughout the territory. The Superior Court Deputy Marshals are the law enforcement arm of the Court. They perform as a supporting role to the Police in ensuring public safety. Both Police and Marshals have peace officer status, which means they have arrest powers.

Are Superior Court Marshals the same as the United States Marshals?

No. While their duties are very similar the main difference is jurisdiction. The Superior Court Marshal's jurisdiction is restricted to the US Virgin Islands. The US Marshals have federal jurisdiction i.e. the United States, its commonwealth and territories, as well as, international interests.

Can marshals issue traffic tickets?

Yes, Superior Court Marshals have peace officer status; they can perform traffic stops and issue tickets if necessary.

FAQ - Marshal's Office
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