Superior Court of the Virgin Islands
Pretrial Intervention Program
What is the Pretrial Intervention Program?
The Pretrial Intervention Program is a program that takes defendants (first time offenders) and allows them the opportunity to serve the community by constructive and supervised service rather than undergoing the traditional criminal justice process. Instead of being prosecuted they can experience an alternative legal process, pursuant to 5 V.I. Code Ann. ยง 4612.

The Legislature of the Virgin Islands has determined that the interest of protecting society and rehabilitating individuals charged with violating criminal laws can be best served by creating new and innovative alternatives for treatment and supervision within the community. In many cases it is found that society can best be served by diverting the accused into a voluntary community-oriented correctional program. Such reassignment can be accomplished in appropriate cases without losing the general deterrent effect of the criminal justice system. Further, in accordance with the statute, the Legislature finds that the retention of the deferred charges will serve both as a deterrent to committing further offenses and as an incentive to complete rehabilitative efforts. Alternatives to institutionalization which provide for the educational, vocational and social needs of the accused can equip him to lead a lawful and useful life.

Pretrial Intervention Program
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Main Contact
St. Thomas/St. John
Adelia Henneman
Director (STT)
Pretrial Intervention Program
Alexander A. Farrelly
Justice Center
3rd Floor, South Wing
Room S303
5400 Veteran's Drive
St. Thomas, VI 00802
(340) 774-6680 x6438
St. Croix
Natasha Williams-Modeste
Director (STX)
Pretrial Intervention Program
R. H. Amphlett Leader
Justice Complex
2nd Floor, Room 108
RR1 9000
Kingshill, VI 00850
(340) 778-9750 x6647
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